Hello, I am Dr. Sachiko Mori, the head of Yoyogi no Mori ENT clinic.
My clinic, situated near Yoyogi Park, opened on 15th May, 2006.Stress is a constant part of big city life.
The sky stays bright even at night, and you live among suffocating crowds. . .
The stress is non-stop even when you are satisfied with your family life and your job. Feeling a lot of stress or feeling long-term stress can worsen your physical condition and lead to medical problems.
Under the Japanese health insurance system, you can only be examined when you get sick. However, I believe that a sickness actually begins when you start feeling that something is wrong or not quite right. Even if you do not have or see any specific diseases, worrying about the possibility that there might be something wrong with you becomes a stress itself, and can cause you more medical problems. Most people tell themselves that problems will eventually go away, and neglect them, but this sometimes leads to serious medical problems. So I urge you to consider it a warning sign from your inner body when you feel that something is not quite right.
Responsibility for managing your health belongs to you, or in the case of children, to their parents. First, it’s best to try not to miss warning signs. The best thing is to try to find out what is causing your problem and to get rid of it. However, if you cannot determine the cause or how to get rid of it by yourself, please come visit us, and we will try to find out what is wrong. We try to offer a relaxing environment, as we are concerned that you may feel insecure and worried. We will be very happy to help to make your life fulfilled with lots of joy and happiness.

Thank you

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