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Reoccurring acute middle ear infection can become severe, and in such cases can cause a hole in your eardrum that never heals. Having a hole in your eardrum means that bacteria can pass into the middle ear and cause more infections. We call this condition chronic inflammation of the middle ear. Having strong symptoms like this can cause a bad smell from the puss that leaks from your ears, and after some time you may start losing your hearing and feel dizzy.
Closing the hole in the eardrum is the first step to stopping the infection and restoring your hearing. Ear surgery has been progressing rapidly in recent years. Please do not give up on your ear problem; come visit us and let us have a look.
watering from the ear, hearing loss, (progressive) tinnitus, ear pain,
vertigo/dizziness, tasting disorder, facial palsy/paralysis, etc.
Chronic middle ear inflammation patients for whom there is a possibility of restoring hearing.
removing a part of the perichondrium of the external ear, then covering up the hole with the perichondrium, using a microscope to look into the ear.

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