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●Allergic rhinitis ●Chronic inflammation of the middle ear ●Chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps ●Snoring problem ●Postoperarive maxillary cyst ●Congenital auricular fistula
We offer day surgery safely so that you do not need to be hospitalized. safely. Also if we discover that you have a medical problem that requires further treatment or surgery with general anesthesia.
Blocked nose, runny nose, sneezing, breathing from mouth, snoring,
headache, poor concentration, etc.
watering from the ear, hearing loss, (progressive) tinnitus, ear
pain, vertigo/dizziness, tasting disorder, facial palsy/paralysis,
blocked nose, yellow/green runny nose, suputum, bad smell, breathing
from mouth, snoring, poor concentration
Swollen cheek and pain
Puss from a congenital auricular fistula causes a rash and pain.
We can also remove lumps that are made from closing an earring hole.
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