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After human beings acquired the ability to walk on two feet, our hands were freed and our throat became able to speak complex languages. In exchange, the throat has to work harder than before. The proof is that babies need such a long time to become able to eat and speak.
”a fish bone got stuck in my throat”
”I need to clear my throat all the time”
”bad breath”
”pain in my throat”
”sputum stuck in my throat”
”constant coughing”
”I feel a lump or something in my throat”
”my voice is gone after singing karaoke”
”I choke easily”
”common cold”
”chronic pharyngitis”
”hypertrophy of the tonsils”
”adenoid vegetation”
”laryngeal polyps”
”gastroesophageal reflux disease”
”pharyngeal tumor”
”laryngeal tumor”
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