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When your child catches or has a cold and starts having ear pain, it is usually acute inflammation of the middle ear. If the child is active he or she may be in pain, there is no need to panic. You may give him or her some painkiller or anti-fever medicine, then visit an ENT clinic during office hours. But please visit a nearby pediatrician as soon as possible if the child seems lethargic.

When small children catch a cold, it’s easy to get middle ear infection. However, they have a hard time expressing to parents what is wrong with them. If fluid leaks from your child’s ear, you may be able to see it easily. But you also may miss the condition, then leave it without proper treatment. In this case, the condition can develop into chronic serous inflammation of the middle ear. So please come visit us to check your child’s ears especially when he or she catches a cold.

Swallowing a battery is very dangerous. If you fear that your child may have swallowed one, please go to the hospital immediately. In a few hours time the battery will begin melting, and it can make a hole in the throat or stomach.
Coins can get stuck in the throat and may be impossible to remove because children’s throats are narrow and small.
Beads & BB gun bullets can get stuck in the nose or ears, and can also get sucked in to the bronchus, so please take your child to the hospital immediately if you suspect this has happened.
To avoid such accidents, please do not leave around any small objects that can go into your child’s small body.

The mouth and nose are areas that bleed profusely. However, the bleeding will stop if you apply pressure for some time as long as the cut is small. There is no need to panic.
But toothbrushes are very long and thin. It is dangerous for children walk around while brushing their teeth. If they fall, they can stab themselves deep into the throat and in the worst case the toothbrush can even penetrate the brain. Parents should be responsible and teach children not to walk around when they have long objects such as toothbrushes in their mouth. If an accident should occur, please also take the object to the hospital and show it to the doctor.
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